The World’s Best Chefs Use These Knives

A knife, is a knife, is a knife, right? Wrong!!! A good quality knife makes all the difference in the kitchen. Good quality knives save time, help avoid injuries, and are able to carve into food for decorating purposes the way blunt knives can’t. Just ask the world’s most famous chefs. Without a good set of quality knives, they’d never be able to chop their food so fast, or do what they do in the kitchen with such accuracy.

Such knives are a sound investment that should last a good 20 years, at least, if you treat them with care. Just remember, that before buying or ordering them, you should have a stainless-steel magnetic knife holder installed into the wall, or placed onto the side of your fridge to hold your knives in place, and keep them easily accessible, and in perfect order. They are much more hygienic than knife blocks at the end of the day, and take up less space!

1. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a seasoned chef and is a familiar personality on television, and has been the host of some of the biggest culinary shows such as “Hell’s Kitchen,” and “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.” These days he has a popular YouTube channel called with 17.2 million subscribers, where he cooks from the comfort of his home. He also offers educational cooking courses via Masterclass.

So, what knives does a seasoned chef like Gordon Ramsay use? Well, he swears by knives made by Wüsthof, as well as Henckels. Besides that, he has his own knife collection for Royal Doulton. These are so popular that they are currently (March 2021) out of stock. They offers pairing, chef, utility, bread, and Santoku (Japanese) knives – 5 knives in all for $128 (plus shipping).

They have ABS handles, and stainless steel 3CR13 blades. 3CR13 steel is a cheap Chinese stainless steel that is durable, corrosion-resistant (ideal for humid areas like Miami), easy to sharpen, hard, and tough.

If 5 knives are not enough variety for you, there is also a bigger option with 12 knives that includes pairing, bread, carving, utility, cook’s, and steak knives, as well as a sharpening steel. Unfortunately, it is also out of stock.

2. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has been a staple on TV for decades. He started out as a very young chef, hosting a culinary show with a very controversial name, at the time, called “The Naked Chef” at the tender age of only twenty-four years old. As time passed, he really made an impact on the British educational system with regards to their canteens, teaching their chefs about healthy food, and educating children to eat healthy.

His YouTube channel, “Jamie Oliver” has 5.43 million subscribers.  So, what knives does this seasoned British chef use? Well, he values I.O Shen knives so much, he actually collects them! They also happen to be incredibly expensive!

Thank goodness he has his own sets of knives. There is the Jamie Oliver Acacia Knife Block for $184 (plus shipping). This includes 6 lovely knives: a bread knife, chef’s knife, mini santoku knife, carving knife, paring knife, and a utility knife. They seem to be better quality than the Gordon Ramsay knives, made with stainless steel from Germany, and are dish-washable. Conveniently, there is a label on each knife’s end to make life easier in the kitchen.

There is also the Jamie Oliver Professional Quality Block Set for $123 (plus shipping) which includes 5 knives: a carving knife, paring knife, utility knife, bread knife, and a chef’s knife. It is of the same quality as the Acacia Knife Block set.

The Jamie Oliver Knife Sharpener is available separately for $36.05 (plus shipping).

If you want something more affordable, and colorful, you have the option of purchasing the Jamie Oliver 3 Piece Top-Notch Knife Set from for only $23 (plus shipping). A 10- inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar is perfect for this. All you need to add on is a pair of kitchen scissors and a knife sharpener (honing steel).

3. Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is a leading female chef who is also one of the most indulgent chefs around. She loves food, and the way she talks about it is almost romantic. She was highly popular, as the host of many of her shows including Nigella Feasts, Nigella Kitchen and Simply Nigella, and has published numerous recipe books that have flown off the shelves!

Although she doesn’t have her own knife set, she enjoys using Furi knives, and adores using a Mezzaluna – which is a knife that looks like a moon’s crescent, with a handle at each end. It’s excellent for chopping things like herbs. You can get one from “The Bold Bee” for $34 (plus shipping), or you can even find one for $6.99 (plus shipping) by HIC.

You can always rest your Mezzaluna against the fridge on your stainless-steel magnetic knife bar, so that when you bring out the parsley, basil, cilantro, or any other herb, the Mezzaluna is just a “stretch” away.

She also enjoys using knives by Kuhn Rikon which come in an array of colors, including a sold-out limited edition leopard print knife which made the culinary world go crazy!!


Hopefully this article has inspired you to go out and choose the best set of knives that suit your budget. As stated previously, it’s best to have a knife bar ready before the arrival of your knives, so that the minute you unpack them, you can give them a rinse and place them on it. Enjoy the knives you use, don’t forget to continuously sharpen them, so that they last long, and carry on watching your favorite celebrity chefs to learn their knife skills and watch their sumptuous cooking!

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