Magnetic Vent Covers (3-Pack) – For Sealing Floor/Wall/Ceiling Registers of Width 3.25″ to 4″, Length 11.25″ to 12″ (Black)

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⚠️ NEED A DIFFERENT COVER SIZE/COLOR? We have designed 17 different magnetic vent covers for almost any domestic vent size, in both white and black. Please use our size chart to choose the correct magnetic cover that will fit both your specific vent dimensions and color. Please DO NOT PURCHASE to cut the cover if your vent falls out of our size ranges (it will damage the cover’s features and will not work).

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1 review for Magnetic Vent Covers (3-Pack) – For Sealing Floor/Wall/Ceiling Registers of Width 3.25″ to 4″, Length 11.25″ to 12″ (Black)

    Jai Sri Astrology
    November 28, 2022
    Perfect FIT, Perfect SEAL, Strong Magnet
    I got these for the floor vents in my Motorhome, which are a very odd shape and a size not commonly seen. One of my vents sit's flush into the floor ...More
    I got these for the floor vents in my Motorhome, which are a very odd shape and a size not commonly seen. One of my vents sit's flush into the floor while another is raised a cm above the floor. These vent covers FIT PERFECTLY, the magnetic seal is impressive and super strong, and will NOT fall off even if upside down on a ceiling or wall. The entire cover is a solid magnet, not just at the corners. so the seal is fantastic. The instructions that came with the covers give very detailed instructions on how to carefully cut out and customize the vent covers to accommodate different styles of vents. For example if your vents have a raised wheel for changing the direction of the dampeners, or if your vents have unique locations for mounting screws etc. The rubber material that comprises these vent covers is super thick and creates a great seal after you screw your vents down with screws. OH AND THE BEST PART, was how easy it was to install these covers. Took me less than a minute. The covers came with 4 full color, well drawn instructions on how to carefully cut and adjust the covers (if needed) to fit your unique vents design. Easy to understand, easy to follow and a friendly personalized letter with instructions on how to contact customer support if you have questions. I highly recommend these covers. Just pay close attention to the size chart and be sure and measure your vents and assure they are magnetic before purchasing. Once the covers were install and I turned my furnace on, the covers kept an excellent seal, the magnets held the covers tight against the entire body of the metal vent. Which increased the heat and air output of the other vents in my motorhome that were not covered. Doing precisely what the product claims which is increasing the air output of other rooms by eliminating the air output of the covered vents. The inside of these covers provide a good amount of space and room to allow vents with high raised tops to still allow the covers to seal all the way around the vent itself. I was very impressed.
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☑️🧲 INNOVATIVE DESIGN WITH EXTREMELY STRONG MAGNETS – New & innovative *Patent pending* magnetic vent covers (3 pack) – The only covers on the market that will never fall off, even on ceiling vents with maximum possible airflow! We engineered a special design with powerful hidden “Rare Earth” neodymium magnets and a unique backside pocket that will cover the vent screws and dampers perfectly. Once installed, this cover will never move, shift or fall off of your vent.

☑️⛔🧊 COMPLETELY BLOCK COLD/HOT AIRFLOW IN SPECIFIC ROOMS OR AREAS – At last, a magnetic vent cover that actually works! It completely prevents hot or cold airflow in specific rooms (where the dampers do not work properly or don’t exist). No more freezing rooms with really cold air blowing at you while sleeping and no more hot rooms that feel like a sauna. In addition, it will also help with annoying noises (like loud music) or unwanted smells (like smoking or cooking) from neighbors in apartment buildings.

☑️ 🏠 🌡️ IT IS SUPER EASY TO INSTALL & WILL BOOST THE AIRFLOW IN OTHER ROOMS – Once the magnetic vent covers are installed in unoccupied rooms (like basements), the airflow in other rooms will significantly increase. This is a simple and cost-effective solution that takes minutes. Simply follow our step-by-step included instructions and use the sturdy box to store covers that are not currently in use. The magnetic covers will work on any vent that matches the cover size ranges.

📏 PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR VENT SIZE & CHECK MAGNETISM – Unlike other flimsy one-size-fit all magnetic vent covers, we have created a unique cover design for each vent size. Each cover is designed with a different backside pocket feature and specific locations of hidden magnets. First, check that your vent is magnetic. Second, this cover WILL ONLY work on vents with a width between the range of 3.25” to 4” and length between the range of 11.25” to 12”.

Width 3.25” to 4”

Width 5.25” to 6”

Width 7.25” to 8”

Width 9.25” to 10”

Width 11.25” to 12”

What’s you will get:

  • (x3) Magnetic vent covers: each in a protective bag.
  • (x1) User guide: step by step user guide for installation of floor vents, wall vents or ceiling vents
  • (x1) Sturdy storage box: use the box to store covers you are not currently using

Click to view the Installation Manual (PDF)

Additional information

Weight 1.47 lbs
Dimensions 13.22 × 4.33 × 0.98 in

Rubber Magnets + Neodymium Magnets


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