Adhesive Magnetic Knife Holder (No Drill) for Wall – Size 24″ (Large)


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☑️📏 3 SIZES AVAILABLE – our no-drill magnetic knife holders (strongest ones available) come in 3 sizes: 10”,17” and 24”. We also offer fridge-only versions in sizes 12”, 17” and 22” – all are available in our knife holders page.

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☑️🧲 NO DRILL MOUNTING – Simply place the adhesive strips on the back side of your 24” knife holder and stick it to your wall. Then, wait 24 hours and you’re good to go! Yes, it’s that simple. By avoiding drilling, you can install the magnetic knife strip on any type of wall without damaging it – rental apartment walls, tiles, granite backsplash, wood, thin drywalls and your fridge. Make sure to properly clean and dry the surface. *Regular installation possible with included screws & anchors*

☑️🧲 BAR AND KNIVES WILL NEVER FALL – There’s no doubt – this is the strongest knife holder available. The magnets inside this light-weight knife strip are premium level neodymium magnets with an extremely powerful magnetic pull force – you will be amazed. We also included industrial level adhesive strips to make sure the bar will NEVER fall off your wall, even when using your heaviest knives. Altogether, it will hold your heaviest, largest, most expensive knives and kitchen items.

☑️✨ SAFER INSTALLATION (YOUR FINGERS ARE SAFE) – Our 24” no-drill magnetic knife bar is an all-in-one unit. Unlike others, your fingers are not at risk of being caught or pinched between several parts of the knife holder. HMmagnets no-drill magnetic knife bar will never fall off your wall – no sudden crashes, no risk of knives falling off and no risk of damage of any kind.

☑️✨ DECLUTTER YOUR KITCHEN – HMmagnets no-drill magnetic knife strip helps you get rid of your old bulky knife block that takes up precious counter space. Our magnetic knife bar also helps you keep your knives off the counter and prevents the trouble of an overflowing drawer which ensures your knife blades stay sharp. All your knives will be visible and within reach so you can easily grab the proper knife and get to cooking!


  1. WIPE & CLEAN – Thoroughly wipe and clean the intended surface, making sure to remove any dust, fat, oil or any other debris. Wipe down everything and ensure no soap/cleaning material residue is left and let dry completely.
  2. MARK THE ACCURATE POSITION – We strongly recommend taking the bar and using a level on top, and then marking a few guides for accurate and straight mounting.


  1. APPLY ADHESIVE TAPE: Use the included adhesive strips (they are all double sided tape). Apply them on the entire backside of the knife bar one by one, with the red side facing up. Apply some pressure on all the tape units to ensure a stronger adhesive bond. To finish, peel the red side off and the bar is ready for placement.
  2. APPLY THE BAR: After guide marks on the intended area are in place, carefully place the bar. Do not remove and re-apply the bar as this will damage the adhesive durability. After you finish, apply some pressure on the entire bar a few times against the wall.
  3. WAIT 24 HOURS: After 24 hours of waiting, you’re good to go! Please be patient and let it sit without any weight or knives. It will be as solid as a rock and will hold any knife (even your heaviest, largest, most expensive knives and kitchen items).


The bar is an all-in-one unit and not a two part product (like other common knife bars). On the backside of the bar, you will find two permanent slots for a drill mounting option. We’ve included all the hardware needed (screws, screw anchors and carton stencil for accurate hole positioning). Step by step detailed instructions with illustrations are included for both adhesive and drill installation so don’t worry 🙂

Here is what you will get with our professional adhesive knife bar:

  • PACKAGE: Beautiful packaging which makes the product a great luxury gift idea for your friends or family. Anyone will be more than happy to get this high end product, especially if they like to cook!
  • KNIFE BAR: Extremely powerful magnetic knife bar with lightweight Neodymium magnets inside. These are the strongest magnets available and are more powerful than other common bars with weaker ferrite magnets that are not ideal for adhesive mounting. Knife bar dimensions are 24″ x 1.97″ x 0.57″ (61cm x 5cm x 1.5cm).
  • INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVE STRIPS: Unlike other product on the market, we’ve added the strongest adhesive strips available. We have pre-cut them into a few pieces to match the entire length of the bar. After testing, we found multiple strips to be stronger than one long adhesive strip.
  • DRILL MOUNTING (OPTIONAL) HARDWARE: We’ve included quality screws and screw anchors for optional drill installation (bar has two slots on the backside for standard wall mounting). You will also find a very helpful carton stencil guide for accurate positioning of the bar and holes before drilling.
  • USER INSTALLATION GUIDE: Step-by-step detailed instructions and illustrations both for adhesive and drill installation.

Click to download the Installation Manual (PDF)

Additional information

Weight 2.18 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 2.32 × 1.1 in

Stainless steel type 304


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