Powerful Magnetic Air Vent Extender for Floor Under Furniture – Sturdy & Durable – Super Strong Neodymium Magnets (Upgraded Design)


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Weight 3.41 lbs
Dimensions 16.65 × 13.77 × 2 in

☑️🏠🔥🧊 PERFECT FOR REDIRECTING AIR FROM UNDER FURNITURE – HMmagnets air vent extender for floor, is an effective solution that *significantly improves the airflow* from your vents, leading to more effective heating or cooling. This smart solution eliminates the common problem of blocked vents under furniture while helping your HVAC system work efficiently to maintain the perfect temperature throughout your space, optimizing your home’s comfort.

☑️🌡️ DURABLE & HEAT-RESISTANT PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION (PREVENTS WARPING & MELTING) – Our air vent extender sets itself apart with its *ROBUST AND THICKER PLASTIC MATERIAL*, assuring you of a long-lasting solution that will never warp, melt, or break. Engineered to withstand temperatures of up to 266°F, this extender ensures reliable performance even when placed over vents emitting hot air. With this enhanced durability, you can trust it to effectively redirect airflow under furniture without concerns!

☑️📏 LONGER & WIDER DESIGN FOR ANY FLOOR VENT – Fits any vent of a width of up to 16” (with duct hole opening up to 14″) and with an adjustable length of 13” to 38” (longest available), this air vent extender gives you maximum versatility! Use it under any type of furniture – couches, beds, cabinets, and more! Its three-part sliding mechanism caters to various sizes, ensuring efficient airflow redirection: Part A & B (13″ each), Part C (11″) – Each part is intuitively designed with clear letter indicators.

☑️🧲 EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION WITH 4 SUPER-STRONG NEODYMIUM MAGNETS – Our air vent extenders offer a hassle-free setup, allowing you to securely attach them to your vents without the need for any extra support. Thanks to the inclusion of four super-strong neodymium magnets, these extenders firmly grip your vents, ensuring they stay in place and never budge. For nonmetal vents (aluminum, wood, plastic, brass) we included strong 3M adhesive tabs for adhesive installation.

☑️✨ GLASS-LIKE MATERIAL FOR DISCREET APPEARANCE – This extender blends naturally with the floor and furniture, making it virtually invisible. You won’t even notice it’s there. It’s perfect for use under a variety of furniture types, such as beds, couches, wardrobes, dressers, chairs, nightstands, closets, and drapes.

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