Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall – Stainless Steel – Size 17″

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*Our 17″ premium stainless steel magnetic knife holder is for wall mounting. For our fridge knife holder (double-sided version) – Click here!

17 INCH TOP-NOTCH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL (TYPE 304) – There are many magnetic knife strips out there using type 201. Well, that’s not good enough for our magnetic rack! We insisted on type “304.” This type is much more durable with regards to corrosion, and will last a life time. It may be more expensive, but it’s actually cheaper in the long run, as you won’t have to replace your knife strip every few years. It’s also 1 inch longer than your typical magnetic knife holder.

HEAVY-DUTY MAGNETS WITH POWERFUL MAGNETIC PULL FORCE – Our magnetic knife holder is *NEW & UPGRADED* with *HEAVY-DUTY MAGNETS* which last a lifetime! The entire bar is magnetized (from edge to edge) allowing for an even flow of magnetic power that will hold all your knives securely. You need not worry though, with just a gentle pull, your knife of choice will be released! *NOTE THAT IT IS NOT MAGNETIZED ON THE BACK, AND DOES NOT ATTACH TO THE FRIDGE*

KEEPS ANY TYPE OF KNIFE SECURE – No matter what type of knife you have, from Chef’s knives to Butcher’s knives, Bread knives and Paring knives, this professional magnetic strip is designed to hold the lightest of knives to the heaviest off knives with ease!

ALLOWS FOR MORE COUNTER SPACE & ORGANIZED DRAWERS! – Get rid of bulky knife blocks that take up way too much space on your kitchen counter, and eliminate the hassle of spending too much time finding the correct knife in unorganized drawers. The HMmagnets magnetic knife strip helps cut cooking preparation in half because whatever you need, you can just grab. It also allows for a much safer kitchen!

MODERN & ELEGANTLY DESIGNED – Our 17-inch magnetic knife bar is elegantly designed in a way that doesn’t expose mounting screws or magnets. It is designed to give a “floating” appearance and is silver in color to fit into *ANY KITCHEN*. It gives a touch of elegance to any home, and *INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE AND FAST*, allowing for knife storage that is, and appears, organized and stylish!

Other versions available:

1. 17″ fridge applicable stainless steel magnetic knife holder (double-sided for fridge)
2. 10″ stainless steel magnetic knife holder (for wall)
3. 24″ stainless steel magnetic knife holder (for wall)

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Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • 1 Stainless steel 17″ magnetic bar (Dimensions are 17 x 1.88 x 0.66″)
  • 1 Stencil (For wall installation )
  • 2 Screws (4.5 X 40 mm) + spare set
  • 2 Screw anchors (6 X 30 mm) + spare set
  • Detailed instructions

Click to view the product instructions here.

The bar is made of stainless steel, iron and ferrite magnets.

The package includes a magnetic knife holder, instructions, 4 screws + 4 anchors and a mounting stencil.

Clean the bar with a damp cloth and then make sure to dry it off. Clean as often as you need.

We use a higher quality stainless steel (type 304) than others (type 201). The 304 type has a higher corrosion resistance.
Make sure you dry off your knives before placing them on the bar. If you see rust spots, use water and baking soda to clean them off.

Yes. You have 2 options:

  1. Use the double-sided fridge applicable knife holder and simply place it on the side of your fridge.
  2. Use strong double-sided tape. Make sure you place vertical strips on the entire back side of your bar (less recommended method).

2.88 pounds (1.31KG)

The distance between the center of both holes is 30cm (11.81")

6mm drill bit. We recommend starting with a 5mm one and work your way up.

5-9  knives, depending on the size of your knives.

Inches - 17 (L) x 1.88 (W) x 0.66 (H)
Centimeters - 43.18 (L) x 4.77 (W) x 1.67 (H)

Additional information

Weight 2.88 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 1.88 × 0.66 in

Stainless steel type 304


Magnetic knife holders


This bar is not magnetized on the back; it is designed for wall-mounting use only. It cannot be magnetized to a refrigerator or other metal surface. Magnets may interfere with the operation of pacemakers. Keep a distance of at least 6 inches from the magnet bar.