Pegboard Magnetic Tool Holders? A Simple Way of Storing your Tools!

You may or may not have a pegboard in your tool shed or workspace. Purchasing a great magnetic tool holder that can be installed on your pegboard is all you need for easy organization and safe access to all your tools. This article details what you need to know with regards to pegboard magnetic tool holders. Let’s Begin!

Types of Pegboards

There are a few different types of pegboards including light-duty meaning it supports light tools, heavy duty, to support the heaviest of tools, and specialty pegboards for environments that may be exposed to moisture.

The most common pegboards you will find are:

  1. Plastic – These are used for light tools and are often ¼ inch thick.
  2. Metal – These support heavy duty tools and are coated in powder for extra durability and are often 1/16 inch thick made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum.
  3. Wood – These support light duty pegboards and are usually a ¼ inch thick. Many are Masonite.

All vary in price according to manufacturer.

The Pros and Cons

1) Plastic Pegboards


  • Offers the biggest range of sizes
  • They are the lightest option
  • Great for the environment, as some come in recycled and reprocessed plastic


  • The plastic holes can stretch over time with misuse

2) Metal Pegboards


  • These are usually the strongest option
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean


  • The most expensive
  • Rust can occur
  • Excess weight may cause damage to the mounting points
  • Because it is made of steel, it opens up danger to exposed wiring due to the fact that it conducts electricity

3) Wooden Pegboards


  • Easy to locate
  • Can purchase with both the standard 1/8-inch holes and ¼ inch style
  • Highly cost effective


  • Installation requires furring strips which often limit the hole-number with regards to your hooks
  • It can’t carry too much weight
  • Too much moisture or oil can completely damage them

Pegboard Size and Holes


You will find pegboards that come as panels usually as 8 x 20” all the way up to 28 x 48”. If you wish to place a pegboard on a large surface area, you will need a large pegboard, or many small pegboards.


Pegboards have holes that are either large or small. The small holes are normally just under a ¼ of an inch diameter-wise, and great for holding light tools such as small spanners and light hammers. Larger hole sizes are up to a ¼ of an inch in diameter or bigger, and perfect for heavier tools, as well as shelving units.

How to Combine Our Magnetic Tool Holders with Your Pegboard

Most pegboards have holes with a 1-inch distance grid, so installation of magnetic tool holders should be easy. Our magnetic tool holders are particularly fantastic with regards to their durability and strength!

The distance between the installation brackets of our magnetic holders is 16-inches for our long 24-inch tool holder, and 12-inches for our 17-inch tool holder.  However, these holders come with the necessary wall installation hardware (screws and screw anchors) to install it onto your pegboard if it is made of plastic or Masonite.

If your pegboard is made of steel, you can simply snap our double-sided magnetized tool holders onto it, but installation with the installation brackets is recommended for extra support.

5 Main Advantages of Magnetic Tool Holders on Pegboards



  1. Easier to take on\off – You just need to easily snap them on.

  2. Works for almost any tool – They have an extremely strong magnetic pull force that will hold almost any tool. The force of their magnets run across their entire body.

  3. Easy reach – Keep all your tools in easy reach and use them for unique types of tools – All wrenches, screwdrivers, spanners, etc.

  4. Dynamic location – Easier to change their location when installed on the pegboard

  5. Solid and durable – They last for long periods of time and are made of strong iron, not plastic or other material that will warp and break over time.


If you are looking for a wonderful option to keep all your tools organized and in place on your pegboard, and safe in your tool shed, then a pegboard magnetic tool holder is exactly what you need. Keep in mind, it’s always good to have a few on hand if you have many tools collected over the years that need easy organization!

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