Making the Best Use of Wall Space for Storage and Décor Purposes

In order to have a home where everything flows nicely, it has to be clean and tidy. That’s the first step – to have things neatly in order. However, often, we have so many things, that they pile up on counters and even sometimes land up on the floor, as there’s just no space to put these things. Actually, all you need to do is look up at your wall space to find the perfect storage solutions.


These days, most people don’t have a home where the kitchen is one solid room. It often flows into the dining room or lounge. Therefore, you want to use the wall space of your kitchen as effectively as possible, so that you don’t leave things around on kitchen counters. For instance, big, wooden knife blocks really take up a lot of space. The best solution for this is to get a magnetic steel knife holder that you can drill into the wall, that will neatly hold all your knives in place.

Make sure you have enough cabinet space above the kitchen sink and counters, to place appliances you would normally leave on the kitchen counter that you don’t use every day, such as food blenders, smoothies and food processors. If you don’t have enough cabinets, get some extra ones built – it will make the world of difference to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

If you have a weekly calendar that you normally leave on the kitchen counter, rather place a magnetic one against the fridge with magnetic markers. It just neatens things up!

Dining Room

The dining room is a center of pleasure in your home – it’s where everyone eats, so you should make it look welcoming and appealing. One thing you can do with your plates, especially your plates that are beautifully decorated, is get plate hangers for the wall, and gently rest all the plates on them. First decide which plates are going to go where, especially if they have different designs, and they can form a gorgeous pattern on the wall.


You should have many pegs against the wall in your bathroom, that hold up towels and bathrobes. You can also attach baskets against the wall that hold things like different scented soaps and creams. Heated bars placed against the walls, that warm up the towels for you while you shower are just a dream to have. Don’t overcrowd the walls, just have things against them that serve you well, like neatly folded face cloths.


You can really have a lot of fun with the wall space of the bedroom – especially your kids’ bedrooms. If you have kids, get their favorite art framed, and place it on the wall. When it comes to their coats, you can have pegs against the wall that hold them, and arrange them according to the colors of the rainbow.

You should most definitely place small bookcases against the wall that they can reach, as well as higher shelving full of their art and drawing materials which they can reach with a baby stepladder (depending on age).

It’s also a good idea to have a shoe rack against the wall, where they know to place their shoes once their shoes come off.

When it comes to your bedroom, have at least one painting against the wall that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Your bedroom is the last room you see every day, and should relax you. You can have special lights attached to the wall that act as electric candles and give a relaxed atmosphere to the room.

If you wish to have a full body length mirror, attach it to the wall, or inside the closet against the door, instead of getting a free-standing one that takes up a lot of space.

You should never store too much in your personal bedroom, as clutter is a stressor. Place a television against the wall if you wish – although televisions are best left exclusively for the lounge area.


In the lounge, have a wall unit that looks smart and holds the liquor and tumblers, champagne flutes and wine glasses.

In the middle, there will be space for your television. Make sure the wall unit is a color that goes with the rest of the furniture as well as the kitchen, as kitchens and lounges aren’t often separated these days – especially in apartments.

If you have a very modern home, stick with white and silver. If your home is decorated in a more rustic way, go with rose wood, or other warm-toned woods which brings out warmth in the home.

You should have pictures of the family against the walls in frames. This just makes everything homier – and is a great storage solution for all the pictures that may be randomly lying around. Also, decorate wall space with paintings that inspire you and bring calmness and happiness.

If you have a small apartment, place a large mirror on the wall in the lounge as this will expand your space inside.

You can also have a “Vision Board” in the lounge where you place a big peg board against the wall, and pin everything you hope to attract in your future on it. It’ll have special words and pictures you cut out of magazines, even articles about yourself, as well as pictures. Vision boards are important to look at every day to set your intention for what you want to attract in the near and far future.

Wall Colors

A wonderful way to separate rooms is by using color. Here is the meaning behind the colors you use:

Red – This color is energetic, passionate, bold, daring and lucky. It’s a stimulating color that works best in the dining room. Just don’t go for too bright red, or it can give you a headache.

Orange – This color is a happy, positive color that stimulates the appetite and is great to use in the kitchen.

Yellow – This color is also a very happy color that is highly stimulating, and best left for the kitchen. Too much bright yellow can cause a headache.

Green – This color is a healing and peaceful color. Light shades of it can be used in the bedroom, as well as the bathroom.

Blue – This color is peaceful; however, it is classified as a “cold” color, and will make the room appear smaller. It can also be a depressing color to be in all day. Rather use this color for small bathrooms and areas in the home that need more tranquility and peace.

Purple – Purple is a color that helps you tap into your higher consciousness. It’s a great color to paint where you pray, meditate in the house, or even where you do yoga. Keep to pastel purples such as light lavender.

Pink – Pink is a very loving color. It’s wonderful to use in the bedroom if you want to attract more romance in your life. If you’ve had a hard break up with someone, using pink around you will literally warm your heart.

White – White is a universal color and can be used on any wall where you want to create a feeling of more space. It’s a neutral color that blends in well. The best part about white is the fact that you can really play with decorative wall art against it!


The walls of a home are simply wonderful to decorate and use for storage. The next time you place anything on the counter, or can’t find space for something, look to the walls and get creative!

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