My magnet bar wiggles/moves/is not secure when I’m removing my knives

To prevent the bar from wiggling or moving, ensure the anchors are flush against the wall, with only the screw heads protruding. Try screwing the screws in a bit deeper and reattach the bar, repeating this process until it is securely seated.

Check out this video to see exactly how to do so:

My double-sided magnetic knife holder slides off of the fridge

It’s important to note that the magnet bar is strong enough to hold a full set of knives while it’s attached to your fridge. There are two possible reasons why the holder may slide off of the fridge:

1) Sometimes, the side of the fridge has bumps/dents which prevents the magnet bar from being in direct contact with the fridge which causes it to slide/move/be less secure. Make sure the back side of the bar is entirely in contact with the side of your fridge. This is the most common reason for the problem described.
You can also try placing the magnet bar on a different location on your fridge. Is there any difference?

2) Another reason could be the material it’s been magnetized to. To test that the back side of the bar is actually strong, you can try attaching knives to it. If they attach well, it might indicate that the problem is perhaps with the side of the fridge.

I don’t want to drill into my tiles/backsplash

If you don’t want to drill into your tiles, you can get one of our no-drill magnetic knife holders:

My No-Drill Magnetic Knife Holder Fell off the Wall

First, we apologize that your knife holder fell off the wall!

It’s important to note that even though we used the strongest 3M strips and we have the lightest bar on the market, it is still possible that it will not work on some types of surfaces. If you want to give it another try please contact us at info [@] and we’ll send you new strips.

Things to make sure for the next application:
1) Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the bar.
2) Apply pressure on the bar after applying it.
3) This time wait 48 hours before placing knives on the bar.
If none of the above worked then the only option would be to mount the bar by drilling into your wall/tiles.

I’m scared my tiles will crack if I drill into them

In addition to the instructions that came with the product, here are few more general instructions for drilling into tiles:

1. Use a diamond-tipped drill bit and not a regular one.
2. Before you start drilling, it is recommended to cover the portion of the tile where you will be drilling with duct tape. By doing so, you can avoid drilling into the center of the tile, by placing it exactly on the horizontal separation, in between the tiles (see video at the end).
3. During the drilling, do not apply pressure at the back of the drill. This could cause the drill bit to wander and damage the tile. You should also dip the drill bit in water every 5-10 seconds to let it cool down (for a few seconds each time).
4. Please drill only one hole first. Then, using the stencil, check again that the second hole is where it should be.
5. After you finish drilling the holes, install the screw anchors into the holes. If the holes are too narrow, you can use a wider bit drill (the drill bit size is always according to the size of the anchor, which is 6mm.) However, we recommend you start with a 5mm bit and work your way up.
6. To make the anchors with the tile, you can use a utility knife.
7. After you place the bar, make sure it is not loose

*You can take a look at our 24″ knife bar video as an example to follow:

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