My liquid chalk markers are dry (Blackboard markers)

Sometimes, some markers just need more activation time than others to get them saturated. It is rare that the markers are actually dry.

Here is the activation process:

Step 1: Shake – Make sure the marker’s head is properly screwed on and that the cap is properly closed and then shake the marker for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Pump – Remove the cap and hold the marker vertically. Place the tip onto a piece of paper towel or napkin. Press down and release the tip repeatedly, until it fills with ink. Hold down each pump for a second or two before releasing. Once the color saturates the tip completely, you are ready to write on the board.  Please be patient; it can sometimes take about 30 pumps for the ink to flow out.


1) During the activation process, try pulling out the tip of the marker in order to check the other end to see if ink has started to flow (this means the activation process is starting to work). Insert it back in and repeat the activation steps. *You can also insert the tip back in from its other end.

2) If it is still not working, remove the tip, dip it in water to make it slightly wet and then insert it back in. Keep going with the activation process.

3) We know it can be a bit annoying but once it’s active, it works great! If the tip is still completely dry after trying all of the above steps, please contact us.

4) Repeat these steps if the markers dry out in the future.

The ink ‘runs/flows/looks smudgy’

Please take 1-2 minutes and wipe off the entire board thoroughly. You can use the included eraser, a dry paper towel or a kitchen cloth. This will prevent the possible remaining residues on the board from causing the ink to run before it gets dry. If during usage, the ink runs in some specific area or spots, just give this area a good wipe, with some force, to solve this immediately.

The ink won’t erase on the board


1) For erasing small parts or making small corrections, start with a dry cloth/paper towel. If you find it a bit difficult, you can use a second wet one – water removes the ink immediately!

2) For erasing the board completely, you will find it easier to take it off the fridge and place it on a flat surface like your kitchen table/counter. Use both a wet cloth\paper towel and a dry one to properly clean the board.


Markers can easily be erased from the boards, using the eraser included or even a dry paper towel or cloth. If marker ink remains on the boards for longer than around 40 days, you may find it too dry for a quick wipe. In this case, the best option is to wipe it off with a cleaning spray that includes alcohol, like spray deodorant, with a dry paper towel and the ink will come off immediately.

My eraser looks gross

After multiple uses, the eraser might need some clean up itself. Quickly rinse it with water and gently rub the eraser surface with your finger until all the marks come off. Once you finish, let it dry completely.

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