How to Organize Your Garage in Two Days Flat

Garages hold different uses for everyone around the world. For some it’s the perfect place to keep your cars in, and have one or two shelves to keep things displayed. For others, it is the perfect storage room to keep everything you don’t want (but might still need) away from the main house. Some even keep extra fridges or freezes in the garage, especially those with really large families that don’t want to venture out to the supermarket every few days.

Whatever the case may be, and whatever reason you use your garage for, the best way to access everything that lies inside this “dark chamber” is to have everything neat and in place. This article shows you how to organize your garage in no time at all!

Make a Special Date in Your Calendar

Choose two consecutive days in your monthly calendar to tackle the garage. You’re going to need a lot of time, so be prepared to wake up early in the morning, have a quick breakfast and get started. Once you have set time aside for this, you can complete everything that needs to be done work-wise leading up to these days, so that nothing weighs heavily on your shoulders.

Classify, Classify and Classify

Once you have set time aside and are in your garage, have a few giant-sized boxes ready. Start classifying all the items lying around. In one box you must place everything that needs to be recycled, in another box place all things that need to be thrown away, in another place everything that needs to be donated and have another box for everything that must be put in a specific place.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Since you have marked a special date on your calendar to organize, make sure you have all the correct storage items prepared. You will need plastic storage bins – preferably translucent ones so that you can see what’s inside. If they have a solid color, mark them with labels, so you know what is inside. Also make sure you have many trash bags available, as well as all your cleaning supplies – such as disinfectants, bleach, vacuum cleaner, broom, and be prepared to catch large insects that may be dwelling inside your garage, so that you can put them outside in the garden.

If you have a huge amount of trash that needs to be thrown away, hire a small dumpster. Then get to work, and make sure the floor of the garage is sparkling clean. Afterwards, check all light fixtures, just in case you need to change any light bulbs.

Organize Your Tools

You most probably have a tool box or many tools lying around, just waiting to be stepped on! Most tools are sharp and can be hazardous if lying around. That’s why it’s best to have them organized properly. Make sure you have all the most important tools you need and get a magnetic steel tool bar you can place against the wall, so that your tools will be openly displayed and in easy reach.  By organizing your tools this way, anything that’s sharp is kept out the way.

Use Your Walls

Magnetic bars, pegs, pegboards, overhead storage and cabinets are all things you should consider having in place when organizing your garage. This way there can literally be a place for everything, and everything in its place. Everything is neat and organized and lying off the floor and tables.

Work from Heavy to Light

Make sure to keep all heavy items at the bottom of storage shelves, and all the lighter items on top. The same goes with sharp objects. Make sure any objects that can hurt you are stored away in plastic containers at the bottom of the shelves so that they can’t fall on you and hurt you. The exceptions are tool bars, where you can keep tools neatly in view.

Create a Space for All Members of the Family

Create cubby holes and cupboard space with family member’s names neatly printed on labels so that they know where to place their things. This works really well so that your kids don’t have to ask where they can store their things.

Plan for Seasons and Holidays

If you live in a climate that experiences all four seasons, you’ll want enough space in your garage to store things like beach balls and beach umbrellas. If you get a lot of rain, have space in the garage so that you can keep tables or foldable chairs out of its way. Have pumpkins ready if you celebrate Halloween in the Fall, and Christmas decorations ready for December.


It’s really not hard keeping the items in your garage organized. Once everything is put in its place, you’re going to feel much better about walking into the garage to get things off the shelves. It also creates much better energy overall in your home.

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