How Kindergarten & Elementary Teachers Can Use Magnets in the Classroom

Being a teacher is an absolute pleasure in itself. Waking up every day to teach impressionable minds and pass on our knowledge to them to make a difference in their future is quite a gift. The one thing us teachers are always looking for are different objects and activities to add to the classroom that look good, is organized and add value. That’s where magnets come in. Believe it or not, there is quite a range of magnetic games and objects that really add value to the classroom. Here they are:

1. Magnetic Ten Frame & Counters Set

Mathematics can be taught to children as young as three-year-old in kindergarten. The magnetic ten frame and counters set is a wonderful mathematics tool that is large enough for children to see at a distance, and the counters are wide, large and colorful for the children to use.

They come with a set of challenging cards that test the levels of every child, so that they progress and the mathematical sums get harder as they go along. This set is especially nice for the classroom as it comes with 100 large counters, 80 dry erase add and subtract flashcards that the children can use by themselves depending on age, and eight 10 block frames. These will provide endless learning fun in the classroom!

2. Large Magnetic Reward & Behavior Chart

You’ll want to get a few large magnetic reward and behavior charts in your classroom depending on how many kids you have; work on the ratio of one board per 3 kids, so if you have a classroom of 15 children, speak to the principal to purchase 5 boards. These really are absolutely lovely.

Children need order to function well, as well as routine, and this is what this board provides. It also gives them a sense of responsibility. At the start of every week, each child can either choose or be assigned a task to do every day, such as straightening all the children’s shoes, cleaning up all the paper from the floor, or putting away the crayons.

The board covers morning, as well as daytime routines, food-related chores, good manners and all-important potty training (can’t ever forget the importance of that one!!).

It comes with 30 dry-erasable tags as well as 127 stickers with its own colorful design. All tasks come with a printed description. They are perfect for your classroom, and can be incorporated into morning circle at the start of every week, or every day. Remember, children who feel a sense of order around them are happy children – as not all the kids in your class come from homes that have routine and are organized. These boards will really do them a favor!!

Also, not only do these boards provide order but the stars provide rewards showing the kids that if they stick to their chores there is some form of compensation rewarded in the form of recognition for their efforts.

3. Magnetic Dry-Erase Weekly Menu

There’s one thing for sure, and that’s the fact that children need to feel a sense of security, and that’s what food brings. Not all the kids in your classroom come from the same financial means, and some don’t eat as much as others, or as their bodies should. That’s why a menu in the classroom is so important.

What the menu provides is a huge sense of wellness for the children who’ll know what will be provided for them every day at school. Many schools provide lunch, and this should be discussed at the beginning of the week in morning circle.

Take this handy menu out and discuss food with them – proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and explain to them what delicious food will be given to them each day of the week. Don’t be surprised if they go home and say, “Guess what Mommy and Daddy, tomorrow I get to eat mashed potatoes and meatballs (or spaghetti Bolognese, etc.)!”

If you are not sure what is provided every day, speak to the canteen or kitchen manager, or the person responsible with providing meals to the school, so that you can let the children know exactly what to expect!

This particular menu comes in white and black with a set of colorful dry-erase markers! It also comes with a separate mini board to write down ingredients that go into the menu!

4. Magnetic Dry-Erase Weekly Planner

Little children don’t really understand time, all they understand is day and night and the fact that Christmas is 7 sleeps away, or their birthdays are 5 sleeps away. That is why a weekly planner is so essential. Sure, a monthly calendar is great to have in the classroom, but a weekly planner is something more secure and concrete.

A weekly planner can be taken out every day during morning circle to see what’s on the agenda for the day. At the start of the week, you can go through the planner with the children and write down what is happening during the week. This brings a feeling of security for them; for example, they know that tomorrow they are cutting out dolphins and painting them, and on Thursday its sports day!

If they are able to write, you can even ask them to write down the activities that will be covered on that specific day.

This weekly calendar is super handy! It’s vertical and each day has enough space for many written words to be inserted and pictures to be drawn with a dry-erase marker. The kids can always take a look at it to know what day it is of the week, and what to expect. Remember, not all the kids in your classroom come from secure environments. Many come from dysfunctional families where they never know what to expect from day-to-day. This planner provides a sense of “safety” for them.

When your magnetic markers dry up, you can always order a new colorful set with their own erasers!

5. Magnetic Dry Erase Blackboard

Children are creative beings and are all natural born artists. Whether their drawings look like stick men or something similar to the art of Picasso or Dali, there is a little artist in all of them, and the creative force behind children desperately needs to be expressed in art.

Giving them the ability to express their feelings through art is really important and as a teacher, art supplies must be provided for them every day. That is why a magnetic dry erase blackboard provides endless hours of fun for them! This one even comes with a set of funky, bright and colorful special markers to draw with.


Us teachers have a great responsibility to provide learning tools, fun activities, and a safe and secure environment for all the wonderful children in our care. It’s nice to know that these magnetic boards and games can help make our classrooms more organized and fun, and provide a sense of safety and security for all!

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