Double-Sided Magnetic Tool Holders? Perfect Addition to Any Work Space!

Double-sided magnetic tool holders provide a highly efficient way of storing all the tools you have collected over the years. This article breaks down all the fantastic reasons to own them, and explores their features!

Why You Need a Double-Sided Magnetic Tool Holder?

One of the main reasons that so many people are interested in the double-sided magnetic feature is the fact that no installation is needed. Besides the standard installation which requires screws and anchors, it offers two additional options of installation:

1) Snap Onto a Static Metal Surfaces

Our double-sided magnetic tool holders are really convenient, as they are easy to snap onto all static metal surfaces, such as metal pegboards, metal slatwalls, metal chests, and even the sides of metal cabinets.

2) Snap Onto a Metal Mobile Unit

All you need to do is take yours and snap it onto a mobile tool cart, or any other mobile metal unit. This way you can pull your set of tools with you as you work, and create and fix things in your garage or tool shed. This will clear up all the clutter leaving a neat, safe, and organized environment.

Features of Our Double-Sided Magnetic Tool Holders

Our double-sided magnetic tool holders offer superior features, as follows:



1) Powerful Magnetic Pull Force

Our tool holders are heavy-duty, meaning they can hold any tool of yours, no matter what their weight is. Also, they will sit firmly in place without any hint of sliding down. All your tools will be organized for fuss-free access, and all your wrenches, axes, screwdrivers, cutters, tape measures, hammers and pliers will be placed out of harm’s way. You will never misplace a tool ever again!

2) Durable, Long-Lasting Bar

If you’re looking for a durable, double-sided magnetic tool holder that will stand the test of time, look no further than to our powerful bars that hold any, and every, tool that you may possess. The body of our bars are made from iron and a trail line of heavy and thick Ferrite magnets with no gaps in between. There is no plastic in our bars whatsoever.

3) Two Convenient Sizes Available

If you have 7 to 15 tools, you’ll want the standard 17-inch size tool bar, and if you have 10 to 20 tools, the large 24-inch size is perfect for you!

4) Standard/Traditional Installation Option is Always Still Available

If you are unsure how stable your double-sided magnetic tool holder will be just by using its double-sided feature, you can easily install it as well with the included screws and anchors. This gives the great option of placing it against a static wall, be it a clean wall, pegboard or slatwall.

Thinking of Combining a Few Tool Holders?

If you own an abundance of tools, we suggest you purchase a few holders. It is advised to combine different sizes as well, so you can snap a few bars against your static metal and mobile metal surfaces. You can use your mobile metallic unit, for your most used tools to be in easy reach, and keep your least used tools on other bars that are attached to the wall. A great option is to use one bar for each type of tool; for instance, one bar for all screwdrivers, one bar for all wrenches, one bar for all smaller magnetic items etc. This way, everything will be completely organized, and you will gain easy and fast access to every tool you will possibly need.

Why Our Bars Beat the Competition

There are many double-sided magnetic tool holders on the market today, but not all of them are as powerful as ours. Also, most of them are only magnetized on one side, leaving just the standard, traditional option of installation with screws and anchors.  

Our tool holders also work fantastically well on pegboards and slatwalls; and if they are metal, you can just snap them on using the double-sided magnetic feature of the bars, and later choose to add the extra security with the traditional installation. Our bars have a slim profile, and their magnetic grip is constant along their entire body, with no gaps in between.


Make your life easy with our double-sided magnetic tool holders. They’re everything you need to grip onto all your metal surfaces, hold your tools strongly in place, and ensure you never lose a tool again.

Whether you have children and need to place your tool bars up high, or don’t, and can place your tool bars low without worry, get your double-sided magnetic tool bars today, and have a toolshed or workshop that is in perfect, organized order! Just read the reviews of these products down below, and see what our customers have to say!

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