Be Your Best Self – Personal Growth Starting at Home

Personal growth is an important step of personal evolution. In order to be your best, you need to adopt certain habits to live your best life. All these habits must start from home – where you feel safest and most secure.

In this article, we will cover:

  • The Power of Affirmations
    • Affirmations for Your Spirit
    • Affirmations for Work & Career
    • Affirmations for Working Out & Good Health
  • How Meditation Will Change Your Life
  • Listen to Personal Growth Gurus

Once you understand the importance of each, and are able to apply them to your everyday life, you will see your life expand in ways you could only imagine!

The Power of Affirmations


Positive affirmations are very important in enhancing your life, mentally preparing yourself for all the curve balls that life may throw at you, envisioning a life of wonder, and attracting good circumstances and fortune.

Louise Hay was one of the pioneers in showing people how positive affirmations can literally change your life in her bestseller You Can Heal Your Life.

There are certain affirmations that attract a more abundant life that you should say every single day, and it helps to write these down in clear sight. You can write them down on your bathroom mirror, as well as on notes around the house.

If you really want to be organized, you’ll want to write them on a magnetic blackboard or whiteboard that’s attached to your fridge, making sure you see it every day, whenever you visit the kitchen.

The following are wonderful affirmations for every part of your life:

Affirmations for Your Spirit

  1. My inner guidance is to be trusted and I choose to listen to it.

This helps you know to trust your intuition and listen to that little inner voice that speaks to you every day.

  1. I become closer to my authentic self each day.

This affirmation makes you trust who you are, and believe more in yourself as the days pass by.

  1. I am kind and considerate to everyone.

This reminds you to be good and kind to everyone.

  1. I am fulfilling my soul’s higher purpose each day.

This helps you find purpose in your life, and know that you are following the right path.

  1. I attract love every day and my perfect partner is close by.

This helps if you are single and want to attract the correct partner into your life. You are not wishing for it to happen, but rather knowing deep inside that love will occur in your life, that you choose to believe in it, and that it is close by. 

  1. I am enough

This is a very strong affirmation. It should be written all over the house. So many people question their worthiness. By saying, “I am enough” every day, you will believe in yourself and know, deep inside, that all that you are is good enough.

Affirmations for Work & Career

  1. My creative efforts help me progress and prosper in my work.

This is an important affirmation to know that your talent is being put to use, and all your creativity is helping you do well at work.

  1. My mind has brilliant ideas that help inspire others.

Just by saying this over and over again, you will naturally attract brilliant ideas that others will take notice of.

  1. I am a great leader.

This will motivate you at work if you are in a management position, so that you will carry on believing that you are wonderful at being in charge.

  1. My colleagues uplift and help me, and I appreciate their special gifts.

This reminds you to listen to your colleagues and appreciate all their input.

Affirmations for Working Out & Good Health

It is also important to exercise for personal growth. You are not just mind and spirit, but body too, and the healthier your body is, the better your life experience will be, as you will have the energy to do more things.

If you prefer working out at home, it’s good to write the exercises you will do each day the night before on your blackboard or whiteboard. It may even help to write your exercises down on a weekly planner. You can concentrate on your lower body on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and work on your upper body on Tuesdays and Thursday, leaving Saturdays and Sundays to relax.

These are affirmations you should always say:

  1. My body is becoming stronger and healthier every day.

This is a good affirmation to say, especially before working out or hitting the gym. It will allow you to lift heavier weights, just because you believe it!

  1. My body is always fit and supple.

Do you love Yoga and Pilates? Then say this before your class.

  1. Exercise is fun and works for me.

This will help you get in the mood for exercise!

  1. I am grateful for my perfectly healthy body.

Gratitude is always the best attitude, and attracts more good fortune. Being grateful for a healthy body allows you to make the most nutritious food choices, and gives you the will to exercise.

  1. Lifting weights makes me stronger every day.

This will help you lift weights on days when you are not in the mood.

  1. Life is better each day because I am in perfect health.

Again, this helps you eat right and exercise routinely.

  1. My food choices are delicious and healthy every day.

Say this before breakfast a few times to yourself, and you will naturally choose the healthiest food choices for your body.

How Meditation Will Change Your Life

Together with affirmations, it’s important to meditate. Make sure to drink some hot green tea with water and lemon every morning when you wake up, light some candles, put on soft music, and focus on your mind and what you want for the day and the future, relaxing yourself.

Meditation is one of the most effective methods when it comes to reacting in a relaxed way to anything that happens to you during the day.

Listen to Personal Growth Gurus

It’s important to attend conferences and/or listen to lectures and seminars that will help bring out the best in you. Most famously, there are talks by “personal growth guru” Tony Robbins, as well as Les Brown, and Brené Brown, among others.

Mindvalley offers a fantastic yearly subscription that helps with all sectors of personal growth. With it, you will have the opportunity to learn from “personal growth masters”, educating you how to eat best, apply harmonious décor to your home in the form of Feng Shui, work most efficiently with your money, and so on.

You can write all the times of the events on your black and whiteboards to make note of them, and make sure that you never miss out on a special lecture or event again.


Personal growth is very important to your self-development as a human being. By focusing on your own self-growth, you will lead your best life, having an amazing experience, and being self-aware of everything that you make happen with enough discipline, ambition, and strength of mind and will!

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