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Knife Holders

Our knife holders come in 3 different types: Wall (drill), Wall (no-drill) and fridge versions. Sizes vary from 10” to 24”

Tool Holders

Our powerful magnetic tool holders come in 2 sizes: 17” and 24”. They will easily hold ANY tool

Dry-Erase Boards

Our collection includes weekly and monthly calendars, white & black weekly menus and white and black boards

USA Flags for Trucks

Our American flag magnets for car & trucks are available in black, white and red, plus veteran versions!

Reward Chart for Kids

We offer reward charts for 1 kid or for multiple kids (up to 3 kids)

Garage Door Decoration

Easy garage makeover! Use our magnetic garage door windows to elevate your house’s appearance

Magnetic Car Sheets

Easily advertise your business with our 2-pack 24” X 12”. It will never fly off your car and you can design your own ad!

Magnetic Vent Covers

Our magnetic vent covers come in 17 sizes to fit and seal almost any vent size! They are powerful and will never fall off

Ten Frame and Counters

Our sets of magnetic ten frames and counters for kids are available in 2 versions: standard and extended!

Borders for Classroom

Magnetic borders for classroom whiteboard – available in 4 different designs. They are all fun to use and eye-catching!

Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Sign

Our magnetic clean dirty dishwasher signs are available in 15 cute designs!

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