7 Creative Ways to Use Magnetic Knife Bars Around the House

Magnetic knife bars are the ultimate solution to knife storage, however, there are so many other ways you can use magnetic knife bars around the house to sort and organize your belongings. Let’s take a look at some of these diverse uses:

1. Using a Magnetic Knife Bar in the Office

There are so many office supplies you need in your office, that it’s often hard to keep track of everything. However, many office supplies are magnetic, such as staplers, metal rulers, paper clips, binder clips, scissors, key hangers and letter openers. You can also hang your handbag on key hangers as well! The size of your magnetic knife bar depends on the amount of office supplies you have, but usually a 17-inch one will do!

2. Using a Magnetic Knife Bar in the Dining Room

The standard furniture for a dining room is a dining room table and chairs. Often, the windows are covered in beautiful drapes, and a fancy wooden dish cabinet lines the wall. However, a beautiful addition to your dining room, for décor purposes, is a magnetic knife bar that holds any steel salad bowl spoons, small butter knifes, and even steel wine openers. A 10-inch or 16-inch magnetic bar will suffice! A lovely idea is to also get a knife bar that matches the color of the wood in the dining room, such as a maple-colored knife bar, or walnut-colored knife bar.

3. Using a Magnetic Knife Bar in the Garage

Well, here you would actually use a magnetic tool bar. It’s like a magnetic knife bar, except for tools. It’s a thinner strip that’s exceptionally thick, and black. It’s perfect for holding all of your important tools in the garage in a neat manner, so that you don’t ever cut your fingers when searching for sharp tools such as pliers in the tool box. It can hold any tool imaginable – wrenches, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers, and more. You can get a black 17-inch one, or a handy 24-inch one that will hold everything you need!

4. Using a Magnetic Knife Bar Creatively in the Kitchen for Food Processor Blades

Food processor blades can be a real hazard in the kitchen. When using a magnetic knife bar to store them, they’re completely out of harm’s way, and stored in a way that allows for quick access. You won’t need a very large magnetic knife bar for this, a 10-inch or 17-inch will do. What’s more, you can drill it to the back of one of your kitchen cabinets.

5. Using a Magnetic Knife Bar Creatively in the Kitchen for Large Kitchen Utensils

There’s nothing worse than frying some eggs, forgetting to take out a spatula, and then spending a large amount of time fiddling around in your utensil draw searching for it, while your eggs burn. That’s where using a magnetic knife bar to hold large utensils like spatulas, draining spoons, and even flat metal graters comes in. It makes cooking a whole lot more organized! You can even use a 17-inch magnetic knife bar that sticks to side of the fridge for this.

6. Using a Magnetic Knife Bar Creatively in the Kitchen for Pot Lids

When storing pots in the kitchen cupboards, they all fit into each other nicely, one on top of another – but what about all their lids? Well, all you need is a handy magnetic knife bar, and you can store all your metal pot lids on it. Make sure that the metal your pot lids are made of are either iron, nickel, or cobalt, as these are the only magnetic metals, as well as some alloys of rare earth metals. Stainless steel is perfectly magnetic, as it contains iron. If you have many pots, it’s best to get a 24-inch magnetic knife bar, as it has a lot of space on it.

7. Using a Magnetic Knife Bar Creatively in the Kitchen for Spice Jars

This one come in particularly handy! All you need to do is drill a magnetic knife bar to the bottom of one of your kitchen cabinets. You then need to place a sticky magnetic strip on top of all your spice jars. Make sure to place a really big magnetic strip on the top of all jar lids, or a few magnetic strips. Label all your jars clearly using colored magnetic markers, and put your spices in alphabetical order.

Arranging your spice bottles this way also adds much color to your kitchen – especially with spices such as mustard-yellow turmeric, and clay-red paprika! The size of the magnetic knife bar needed depends on your collection of spices, so you can either get a 10-inch, 16-inch, 17-inch or 24-inch magnetic knife bar.


Magnetic knife bars are a real joy to have around the house, as they offer so many uses. If you are going to buy a few, it’s best to buy them in bundles, as this is more pocket-friendly! If you don’t have a drill, arrange to have someone come over and drill them all in place for you, and voila, they’ll all be ready to use!

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