5 Important Features When Choosing a Weekly or Monthly Calendar

When choosing a monthly or weekly calendar, you will need something that is big and obvious in your direct sight. It’s best to get one that is magnetic and will stick to your fridge, so that it is always there, and you will always be reminded by what needs to be done.

There are 5 main important features you need to look at when choosing a monthly or weekly calendar namely:

  1. Type of calendar needed
  2. Size
  3. Quality of layers
  4. Additional boards
  5. Markers & Erasers

In this article we will look closely at each of these features. Let’s begin!

Why Weekly and/or Monthly Boards are Needed

Weekly and/or monthly boards are needed, simply because they make our lives easier. Sure, we may have everything in our back pocket on our cellular phones, but it really helps to see the goals we have for the week or month out in front of us in clear view.

These boards are especially handy when planning meals in advance for the week and/or month for yourself and/or the family, and are great when jotting down important dates likes appointments with doctors and even training sessions at the gym.

There is also a feeling of immense satisfaction when reaching your weekly and/or monthly goals, ticking them off, and then erasing them. In fact, our brains really enjoy achieving short-term goals – every time we succeed at something, our brain releases dopamine (a feel-good chemical).

1. Type of Calendar Needed

First of all, you need to figure out what kind of calendar will do you the best justice – a weekly calendar, or a monthly calendar. Which one will support your goals the most? If you are someone who is very detail-oriented, it is better to go for a weekly calendar. If you like to see things more in the big picture rather go for a monthly calendar, so that you always know where you’re heading to during the month.

2. Size

The monthly and weekly calendars come in 2 sizes – vertical and horizontal. Check your fridge to see which is right for you. The exact dimension of HMMagnets weekly and monthly calendars are 17.5 inches by 13.5 inches for the horizontal boards, and (conveniently) 13.5 by 17.5 inches for the vertical boards.

3. Quality of Layers

Boards usually have 3 layers – the bottom, middle and top. Let’s look at these carefully:


The bottom layer needs to contain a flexible magnet. Most companies use a 0.4mm thick magnet which makes the board a bit flimsy. HMmagnets make boards that are very desirable, as they use magnets that are 0.5mm thick, making them firmer.

Middle (Printing Layer)

There are three types when it comes to the middle layer of boards: Paper Printing, White PET Film Lamination, and PVC.

Paper Printing

The advantages here are the fact that it is cheap to make, and you can print in color. The disadvantage is the fact that the ends peel easily, leaving these boards looking very unattractive.

White PET Film Lamination

The advantage of this is the fact that the corners wont peel. The disadvantage here is the fact that you can’t print in color on it, and it is more expensive. However, it is very durable and maintains its aesthetic appeal over time. These weekly and monthly boards are very popular among the masses.


The advantage of PVC is the fact that the corners wont peel. The disadvantage is the fact that the color is not pure white but more of a cream-white, which is why it is mainly used for blackboards.

Top layers:

  1. PP Film – Which is quite cheap. The biggest issue with this is that it’s hard to erase the markers, and leaves unattractive stains.
  2. 2. Transparent PET Film Lamination – This is the same material as the white PET film lamination HMmagnets use as their middle layer, except it’s transparent. It is more expensive than the PP film. You still have to make sure it’s a high-quality PET film. Markers are easy to erase even after many months, and HMmagnets use this for their desirable boards.

4. Additional Boards

Additional smaller boards come in really handy for the purpose of classification. You have your main board, which is either a weekly or monthly calendar, but you may need to write other things that are more detailed – for instance, a grocery list.

Luckily, with HMmagnets, you receive 3 additional boards as a bonus that are 8 inches by 5 inches in size, with all weekly and monthly calendars purchased. You can use these for to-do lists, shopping lists and notes.

5. Markers and Erasers

Of course, with your weekly or monthly board you will need a really good set of markers that are easily erasable, and preferably in a range of all colors of the rainbow. You will also need an eraser that is magnetic, and easily erases everything in a quick sweep of the board. Luckily HMMagnets offers markers and erasers that come with their boards. You can also buy an extra set of markers separately.


After reading this, you should be more informed about boards and your exact preferences. Think about what you need, and make your purchase knowing that you’ll soon have a very organized looking board with markers out there in plain sight, for you to keep on top of your weekly and monthly goals!

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