5 Décor Rules to a Beautiful Home Environment

There is a saying that goes “Home is Where the Heart Is.” No matter what troubles you may have, whether you’re having a bad day in the office because your boss is giving you a hard time, or sitting among a crowd at night you don’t feel at ease with, you always know that at least you’ll be able to rest your head on your pillow at night, in your home that is specifically decorated to your likes and dislikes. The following article gives great tips to keeping the home you love so much beautiful and a pleasant place to be.

1. A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

This is very important to not only keeping a beautifully tidy and well-decorated home, but also being able to find anything within your house should you need it. There are many organizational accessories for the house that help in this endeavor. Since you will be in the kitchen a lot, it’s good to have your knives neatly stored so that you never cut your hands when looking for them. The neatest and best options, are magnetic knife holders that lie against your fridge or wall.  These are lovely as you’re always able to access the knife you wish to use. For décor principles its best to look for ones that come in different color options, both in maple wood and walnut wood, as well as stainless steel. You can find ones that are large or even really small to fit in well with the size of your home.

It’s also good to organize ahead of time and use home objects that help you do this, such as magnetic weekly calendars and monthly calendars that simply sit against your fridge. There’s even handy magnetic menu planners you can use to help you with weekly meals.

2. Use Colors That Blend Well

When mixing and matching colors within the home, you need to use colors that fit in with your personality. Are you happy inside a kitchen with walls that are painted bright yellow, or would warm tones of peach make you calmer when cooking? When thinking of what colors to use, you should always look at a color wheel:

The five primary colors are red, yellow, blue, black and white – these are colors that no other color on earth can create. You then get secondary colors – purple (blue + red), green (yellow + blue), and orange (yellow + red). Then all the in-between shades of color come in to play (the tertiary colors).
You need to work with colors that you like the most. A good tip to keep in mind is that oppositions often work well together. Therefore, an orange couch will look beautiful with a blue throw and blue cushions. Also, a red wall will look gorgeous with green paintings and green plants surrounding it. There are many apps out there which allow you to play with color within your home such as  Redecor, Prestige ColorPic Paint Color, iPaintMySpace, Paint My Place, and Home Harmony.

3. Keep Many Plants Around in The Home

Plants in the home bring the outside indoors, and add a lot of beauty to your environment. They also bring in good energy into your space. Choose your favorite flowers, whether they be pink lilies, sunflowers or anything else of your choice, and keep them in a beautiful vase on your dining room table or kitchen counter – it will bring you a lot of joy. Keep plants that are easy to take care of, and don’t need a lot of sunlight. Just an important note though – if you have animals in the house, it’s highly important to not bring in any plants that may be poisonous to them. You can simply “Google” the plant name to check this.

4. Clean, Clean and Clean

Of course, one of the most important rules to a beautiful home environment is a clean environment. It doesn’t matter if you live in a home that is tiny, or a large mansion of a house – if its dirty with dust everywhere, and floors that need washing, it’s not going to be very beautiful to look at. Home maintenance is of extreme importance, and one that cannot be avoided. If you don’t have a lot of time to clean, get a robot vacuum cleaner and floor washer, so that you can do other things while it helps keep the floor in tip top shape. Hire a cleaner if you can once a week, or at least once a month for a thorough cleansing of your home. Trust me, you’ll always feel on top of the world walking into a clean home!

5. Adorn Your Walls with Mirrors and Paintings

If you live in a small environment, a very large mirror actually makes your space look larger. Get paintings that are made with beautiful colors – whether they’re abstract or more detailed. Make sure the paintings you use suit the room you’re putting them in, and work well with the colors of the walls and furniture! Paintings can also be very inspirational and bring you feelings of joy. It’s often good to get paintings that represent countries you want to visit or emotions you want to experience, as to bring that into your life!


A beautiful home can always be achieved! It just takes effort on your part. Just take the necessary steps above, and your home will always be neat and tidy, with everything in its place, colors that work well together, fresh plants that energize the place, and paintings to inspire. Happy decorating!

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