5 Businesses That Benefit from Using Magnetic Knife Holders

Magnetic knife holders are great for organization in the household and kitchen. They really streamline cooking time as everything is placed neatly in order to be grasped at a moment’s notice. However, these knife holders are meant for more than just the kitchen alone. In fact, there are businesses out there that really utilize knife holders to help organize their equipment and make working more efficient. This article covers 5 of those businesses:

1. Veterinarian

A few days ago, I took my cat Sparkle to get her yearly shots and deworming. When I walked into the vet’s room, I was pleasantly surprised to see how everything was so clean, neat and tidy – everything was in place. On the wall lay a magnetic knife holder which held steel scissors, some blades and other medical equipment that the veterinarian would use at some stage. I loved how organized everything was, and really appreciated how effective the magnetic knife holder was being used.

2. Butchery

Butchers deal with meat all day long and need knives that are heavy, big and strong to cut through meat minute after minute. For this reason, cleavers, butcher’s knives, serrated knives and many other knives fit perfectly on magnetic knife holders. It is wise for butchers to buy a few magnetic knife holders at once to place at different work stations. It’s also a good idea to place a few next to each other in case many knives are being used. A butcher doesn’t have time to search for knives in a draw, and the grooves in a knife block can gather a lot of bacteria, so magnetic knife holders make the perfect solution for knife storage at the butchery.

3. Tailor

There are many fashion designers and tailors that work with pins, needles, tape measures and metal rulers all day long. Equipment is used to draw patterns for clothing and without proper organization the floor can become really hazardous due to all the pins and needles that fall on it every day. In fact, in huge couture houses such as John Paul Gaultier’s, people are hired just to pick up pins off the floor. For this reason, a magnetic knife holder makes perfect sense. All pins and needles can automatically be placed on the holder. What’s even better is if they are in a container with a magnetic strip attached and this can be placed against the holder. Magnetic strips can be attached to certain tape measures as well.

Not only this, but the special markers that are used for coloring in fashion designs can all have magnetic strips attached to them, and this can be placed against the holder in perfect order according to the colors of the rainbow.

4. Hairdresser and Beautician

Certain people have businesses from home or from shops where they cut and design different hairstyles for people, while doing makeovers, as well as pedicures and manicures. A few magnetic knife holders against the wall are perfect here. One bar can hold equipment used for cutting hair – all the different-sized steel scissors and metal combs. Another few bars can hold different cosmetics such as lipsticks and nail polishes. All you need to do is stick a magnetic strip to the back of them and place them in order from red, orange, yellow and all the other warm colors, going to cool colors such green, blue, and purple. It actually would add to the aesthetic appeal of the shop, making it burst with color and come to life.

5. Artist

Professional artists work with many paint brushes. I am just an amateur painter that adores painting, and I have around 10 brushes, so I can only imagine how many brushes a professional artist has. All they need to do is place a magnetic strip behind each paintbrush and they can place them in order from thickest to thinnest on the magnetic knife holder. They can also take their tubes of oil or acrylic paint and place them against the magnetic knife holders for easy access.


There you have it – just 5 businesses that benefit from using magnetic knife holders. However, there is a plethora of other businesses that can use magnetic knife holders for their everyday work, such as restaurants, office workers, computer technicians who work out of shops, and more! If you own a business start using a magnetic knife holder and watch it streamline your work!

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