5 Best Educational Magnetic Games for Your Children

Keeping children entertained with games isn’t always easy. However, there’s always an added bonus when children learn skills indirectly through play. The following are the 5 best educational magnetic games for your children. The great thing about these games is the fact that they are magnetic, which means less scattered pieces all over the floor. Here are the 5 best we could find:

1. Magnetic Ten Frame Set

For years, teachers and parents have thought of different ways to engage children in the world of mathematics, and teach them that it is not only easy to understand, but taking part in math sums is a world of learning and fun. Most parents and teachers grew up in a world where they learned math by sitting in a classroom, just looking at figures on a chalkboard, and transferring these figures to A4 exercise books. Math was a theoretical learning experience more than anything, and the most tactile engagement occurred by writing answers on chalkboards and in exercise books.

Imagine a way of teaching children the basics of addition and subtraction with the use of tactile, colorful equipment that they can see and touch and gain an interactive learning experience from. Imagine a way of not only getting the opportunity to teach them in a fun and engaging way, but giving them the opportunity to learn in groups and very importantly a way in which they can teach themselves without your help. Well, here is the answer to that!

Purpose of the Magnetic Ten Frame Set

The Magnetic Ten Frame Set was created to help parents and teachers teach children addition and subtraction in the most engaging way possible, and offer children the opportunity to really fall in love with mathematics at a very young age. It can be used for one-on-one or group teaching, both at home or in study centers and schools.


This product is perfect for teaching children in kindergarten (from the age of 3), way up to elementary school. Children up to 9 will love this, and the extended set can be enjoyed by children up to the age of 12.

Features and Additions

1. Two Sets

This set comes in two options, the regular standard set in the green package for addition and subtraction up to the number 10 (114 items), and the extended set in the blue package for addition and subtraction up to the number 20 (203 items).  There are 2 black markers in the green set with an eraser at each end.

2. Thicker Boards

Each ten frame has a strong, flexible, magnetic layer which allows it to stick to any magnetic surface such as a refrigerator or white board. These boards are easy to bend, yet retain their shape afterwards. They are thick and sturdy and long-lasting, and are magnetic on both sides, with a flexible rubber magnet.  

The boards are 5 inches down and 12.5 inches across, and each one has a thick and visible grid. There are 4 ten-frame boards in the green set and 8 ten-frame boards in the extended blue set.

3. Dice (Unique to This Product)

Each set, both green and blue comes with matching dice, meaning the color of the dice match the counters. The way they work is the following – two dice are thrown at the same time; if the blue dice lands on 6, 6 blue counters will be placed on the board, and if the green dice lands on 3, 3 green counters will be placed on the board.

Also, with the dice, you are able to play addition and subtraction games. This means that when someone throws, for instance, two dice, and they land on 3 and 5, the exercise will be 3+5, or 5-3, and so on… For advanced players, all 5 dice can be thrown and a complex sum can be made such as 9-2-3-5-1, or 9+2+3+5+1. This sum would apply to children over the age of 5. 

There are 5 dice in the green set and 10 dice in the extended blue set.

This makes for fun and engaging interactions, and reminds children of other board games including dice, such as Ludo and Snakes and Ladders.

4. Flash Cards (Unique to This Product)

The flash cards are unique, and designed by both parents and teachers to make math sums as fun as possible, and offers step-by-step learning. They are divided in levels by color, and have unique illustrations on them, as well as math games, so that each card is different and unique from the rest.

There are 50 cards in the green set, and 80 flash cards in the extended blue set.

All the flash cards are double-sided and dry erase, so everything written on them can be simply erased without any signs of smudging after use. They are also flexible, and can be bent, as they will still retain their shape. They start off at Level 1 and go all the way through to Level 11.

Breakdown of Levels

Level 1 – Yellow

These cards are the 0-10 instructions to numbers 1-10. They display the grids with the counters, and ask questions like “how many disks are there?”, and “what is the previous number.” There are also fun games on them, such as “find the difference.”

Level 2 – Purple

These cards are 0-10 addition problems A+B, and contain maths sums such as “A+B”, as well as images of such things like avocados adding up to one another. It also asks for interactive play, where you will get a sum such as “A+(dice)” and you have to roll the dice to get the answer. At the back of these cards are fun games which ask “how many?” and will show you a number of, for example, avocados and kiwis which you have to count separately to eventually add up together.

They also have games such as “Match the correct answer to each problem,” where the answers will be represented as numbers on apples lying on the grass, and the problems are lying in apples still attached to branches in the tree above. There are also “find the difference” games. 

Level 3 – Blue

These are addition problems A+B, A+B+C, A+B+C+D. The games become more elaborate in these cards, and the mind is challenged as more numbers need to be added.

Level 4 – Green

These represent subtraction problems such as A-B. Subtraction is actually one of the easier mathematic problems. When it is shown on the ten-frame set, each number that needs to be subtracted is just a counter that needs to be removed. “Find the difference” games are still included.

Level 5 – Orange

These represent subtraction problems such as A-B, A-B-C, and A-B-C-D. This is the stage where things need to be explained very methodically and slowly so that the child understands fully. In a card representing “9-2-3-1,” for instance, 9 counters will be placed on the board. After that 2 will be removed, then 3, then 1, so that the final answer remains, and the concept of subtraction in understood. The games become more extravagant with more illustrations used.

Level 6 – Pink

This level shows problems such as A-B, A+B, A+B-C, AND A-B+C-D. This is more for children aged 5 and up who have fully grasped all the levels underneath this and can understand the concept of using addition and subtraction together in a single mathematical problem.

Level 7 – Dark Green

These show sums such as A+? = C, A-? = C, A+B+? =9. They are certainly harder and require more figuring out. They really work on logic skills and challenge the child.

Level 8 – Red

This is part of the extra set of cards of the extended blue set, where cards go up to 20. The cards focus on images of the grids with black disks on them representing the counters. This is to get the child familiarised with this stage of the “game,” which is where numbers reach 20.

Level 9 – Dark Blue

These are addition problems such as A+B, and A+B+C, where the answer will be greater than 10. As with the other cards, there are still fun illustrations at the back, that even includes a boy fishing for fish.

Level 10 – Gray

This set of cards includes mathematical problems such as A-B, A-B-C, and A-B-C-D, whereas “A” will be a number greater than 10.

Level 11 – Rainbow Colors

This is the final card, and should be used for children 6 years and up who have understood the levels and mathematical concepts that have come before this. It includes such mathematical problems such as A+? = C, A-? = C, A-B+C, as well as A-B-C+D. As usual it has fun games on the back of it with illustrations that appeal to both boys and girls.

This is the final level, and once this is fully understood, the child can be left on their own to work by themselves.

It’s important to note that once addition and subtraction is fully understood, the child can then move on to games and concepts that cover multiplication, and lastly division.

5. Thicker Counters

The counters come in 5 fun different colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green and blue. They are twice as thick, allowing for easy removal and application, and hold tight onto the boards, with their magnet at the back that runs across their entire bodies. They are also easily visible from a distance, and easy to grip. 

They are 1.6 inches thick by 0.35 inches running around the circumference. There are 50 counters in the green set, and 100 counters in the extended blue set.

6. Instructions

There is 1 set of user instructions which explains to you in detail how these sets work. On one side, it shows grids with counters, in black and white, and how they can be put together to add up to 20. On the other side, it shows the green and blue sets, and describes the levels for you, breaking them down by color.

7. Storage Bags

Convenient storage bags come in the sets that hold the counters, cards, and dice. There are three – two in elegant black for the dice and flash cards and a large, translucent/white one for the counters.   

8. Pros

The pros of this set are that it really helps children concentrate and one of the big differences when compared to other similar educational toys of its kind, is the fact that it was created by parents and teachers, not simply a toy company. A lot of research went into the development of this educational mathematics game.

It is also an educational piece of equipment that keeps children engaged over a long period of time, even years, as it contains so many different challenging levels that children must finish, in order to go on to the next one. That’s why the flash cards are so important! It is innate within children to conquer challenges, and that is why at the end of level 7, you can go on to buy the extended set so that your children continue to learn. It also helps with fine motor skills.

These sets come with thicker counters, special dice (all color-coded) and flash cards – similar sets simply don’t compare, as they often just come with boards (that aren’t as flexible) and counters (that aren’t as big and thick). The special flash cards have been crafted over a long period of time to make sure they really take these sets to the next level in mathematical education. There’s simply nothing as comprehensive, and all-inclusive, as this on the market.

9. Reviews

“As a Montessori teacher, I love how this game uses tactile reinforcement so that children learn with their hands and keep interested with the fun games and colors. The different levels are amazing, as it challenges children and keeps them interested for long periods of time, allowing them to focus on mathematics. They learn so much while having so much fun” – Leigh, South Africa.


  • “As a Montessori teacher, I love how this game uses tactile reinforcement so that children learn with their hands and keep interested with the fun games and colors. The different levels are amazing, as it challenges children and keeps them interested for long period of time, allowing them to focus on mathematics. They learn so much while having so much fun” – Leigh, South Africa.
  • “…A wonderful tool for teaching! I love this product, and my students, as well as other teachers, are curious to know where I bought it. I will order more in the future!”
  • “…This tool is helpful and builds and strengthens basic mathematics skills. It’s a great teaching tool that helps children visualize the value of numbers, as well as the concept of 10. Children are able to work with partners as they learn together…”


“…I realized that my daughter understood mathematics much better with the use of visual aids, therefore I ordered these and I’m happy about it…”

2. Playmags Magnetic Tile Set

A firm favorite with children around the world (and parents who don’t have to step on Lego building blocks), these magnetic tiles are perfect for building. They use the imagination and creativity of children and build logic skills. They help children understand shapes and patterns, and how they work together.

Purpose of The Playmags Magnetic Tile Set

These tiles teach the basics of geometry, mathematics and spatial awareness, building on the logic, and creative skills and allowing children to learn how to collaborate together.


These tiles are perfect for children aged 3 and up.

Features and Additions


The Playmags magnetic tile set comes with 100 magnetic tiles in red, yellow, green, blue, yellow and purple.

There are:

Two 6 inches by 6 inches tiles that are square, twenty-six 3 inches by 3 inches tiles that are square, three 3 inches by 1.5 inches tiles that are rectangular, ten 3 inches by 4 inches triangle tiles that are right-angle, eight 3 inches by 5.5 inches triangle tiles that are acute-angled, twelve 3 inches by 3 inches triangle tiles that are equilateral, two 3 inches by 3 inches windows, five “Clickins” windows, thirteen “Clickins” Capital Alphabetical Letters, bonus Idea Book, as well as a Playmags bag.

ABC “Clickins”

As discussed above, the set also comes with “ABC Clickins” which are the different letters of the alphabet capitalized, which helps children recognize the capital letters of the alphabet and build words with them.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Skills Acquired

Through this sort of play, children learn to be creative and collaborate with their friends, and even work together as a team; they learn about mathematics and science through geometry; they learn analytics skills and builds their problem-solving skills; and very importantly, this develops fine motor skills.


This sort of game will keep children amused for hours on end. There are so many shapes and patterns they can make. It will continue to challenge them to build bigger and greater “buildings” and shapes.


Allison from the United States:

“These are stronger than the pricier brand. I’m a real fan of these, and very excited about my child developing and growing with a toy that promotes foresight, as well as imagination. “

The Hornbys from the United States:

“The price is great, they are quality tiles that are strong. My local library has these, so I know that if a library can handle this will all those kids, this set will be able to handle my children.”

3. Magdum Fruits & Berries

The Magdum Fruits and Berries set is a wonderful set that introduces children to fruit. In this world full of food that contains processed sugar, it’s important to familiarize your child with fresh fruit and get them curious about it as young an age as possible.

Purpose of the Magdum Fruits and Berries

This is the perfect set to introduce children to the world of fruit. It also helps with fine motor skills. It’s a wonderful educational toy to teach children about the different fruit and berries found on this planet. You can also play a game with your children where you get them to pick a fruit or berry, and then let them actually taste that fruit or berry. It’s a wonderful gustatory sensory learning experience. 


This set is for ages 2.5 to 5 years old.

Features and Additions

Magnetic Fruit

This set comes with 25 large cardboard magnetic fruits that can be stuck on fridges and white boards.


This is the perfect game to teach your children about all the fruit they can taste. It introduces them to popular fruit that is colorful and appeals to their eyes. The pieces are easy to hold and children will gain enjoyment out of recognizing the fruit. It also helps the children with fine motor skills.


Laura L Smith from the United States:

“I purchased these for my very young granddaughter to place on the refrigerator. They are the perfect size with realistic pictures, and straight away she reacts to pictures that she recognizes. Just be careful not to get them wet.”

CJ from the United States:

“My child loves playing with his fruit while I’m in the kitchen. He is busy and learns a lot.”

4. Learning Resources Puzzle Globe & 3D Geography Puzzle

In a child’s world, their focus is on themselves, as they see everything from their ego, and familiarize themselves with their friends and family. They are completely unaware that there is a vast world out there that contains many different landscapes, people and cultures.

Purpose of the Learning Resources Globe & Geography Puzzle

The Learning Resources Puzzle Globe & 3D Geography Puzzle is a wonderful educational geographic tool to teach children that not only is the world actually a sphere, but it is made of different continents too.


This is perfect for ages 3 until 6.

Features and Additions


This is a globe that spins, showing the movement of the Earth on its axis. It has 6 pieces that attach to it representing Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, as well as North and South America (Antarctica is a permanent fixture on the globe). It also has 6 continent labels, and label stickers that are blank. The globe is 8 inches in diameter.


This magnetic puzzle is 19 inches long, and contains all of the 50 states, 43 magnetic pieces in all, which can be stuck to a whiteboard. These pieces display landmarks, plants and animals from each state. It is an invaluable educational toy to teach children about the world around them.

If you don’t live in America this ExBePe World Map Magnetic Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is also an excellent choice.


There are many skills developed in this educational toy including geographical awareness, fine motor skills, critical thinking, as well as spatial relationships. It also helps teach children that the Earth is actually round in a spherical shape.


MCG from the United States:

“I purchased this for my home-schooled son who really likes it. It’s good quality just quite expensive.”

Katie S from the United States:

“My child is 4 years old and loves taking it apart and putting it together constantly. It’s a wonderful lesson for geography, and we discuss all the continents. The pictures on every continent help her connect the dots.” 

5.  Coogam Magnetic Letters with Magnetic Board & Storage Box

One of the most important skills of any child is language. From the time that a child is born up until six years of age, their minds are absorbent sponges, soaking up the world around them. Language is extremely important and they will start speaking as they learn, at their own pace (each child is different). That is why socialization is so important, especially if you have an only child.

Purpose of the Coogam Magnetic Letters

These letters are the perfect educational tool to teach your children language. Children need to be able to build and read letters before they start writing them, so this is perfect, and can be used in accordance with the Montessori method of word building.


This is perfect for ages 3 till the age of 9. 

Features and Additions

There are 156 magnetic lowercase letters and 52 uppercase letters made of foam. There is 1 whiteboard marker, 1 double-sided magnetic board and 1 Eraser.

The Coogam Magnetic Letters comes neatly packed in a plastic storage box with all the letters of the alphabet. The consonants are in blue, and the vowels are in red, which is essential for word building, as children need to understand the difference between the two.


This is the perfect educational “toy” you need to help grow your children’s vocabulary and word-building skills. You will be able to sit down and bond with your child, working one-on-one as they build words. Once they have mastered these they can work on their own.


David Gruen’s wife from the United States:

“I have taught ESL in elementary school and I’m homeschooling my child at the moment. I recommend supervision while using this with your child. I love the contrasting colors of the consonants and vowels, and this is a wonderful tool towards word study.”

Sharyn Slack from the United States:

“There is a strong chemical smell proceeded with an itchy reaction. The letters were slightly smaller than expected and a few letters were missing.”

As a final say on this product, if you are interested in buying an alphabet for your child, the Montessori Moveable Alphabet that comes in a wooden box is perfect. Magnets can be stuck on the back of each letter so that they become magnetized.

The above covers magnetic mathematic, geometric, gustatory, geographic and language games that are all excellent for your children’s education. Make learning fun with these so that your children can enjoy learning new concepts every day in a magnetized way that keeps them engaged and focused for hours on end!

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