15 Kitchen Must-Haves for Your Wedding Registry

The time has finally come where you and your beloved are engaged, and a wedding date has been set. Your dress has been bought, and the all-important venue and caterer has been booked, but what about the wedding registry?

The wedding registry is so important, as it tells your wedding guests what to buy for your new marriage. So, it’s really important to sit down with your fiancé and discuss what objects the two of you require for your new joint-home. This article reveals the top 15 must-haves for your kitchen registry with both high-end and lower-end products for all your guests to afford!

1. Set of Cooking Pots & Pans

Now, you can get creative when including cooking pots and pans in your wedding registry. You can either include a full set as one gift, or you can look at high-end cooking pots such as Le Creuset (a French make that has been around since 1925), which offers some of the best cookware on the market today. These gorgeous pots and pans come in all the different colors of the rainbow, and are made to last for years and years. They are very expensive – but that’s the beauty of adding them to your wedding registry, you can add individual pots and pans so that your guests can each buy one, so that you end up with a complete set that will last you, and your future husband and family-to be a lifetime!

2. Toasters

Every kitchen needs a toaster, but if you or your fiancé already have one, you can ask for a grill and waffle maker that also toasts! Just imagine all those grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches that you can pack for lunch, and waffles you can enjoy on weekend mornings, covered with cream and syrup!

3. Set of Knives

Every kitchen needs a good set of knives that includes a chef’s knife, butcher’s knife, serrated knife, paring knife, and boning knife. You should also buy a honing steel to use after every use of your knives, and a large pair of kitchen scissors to cut through bone and meat. You can get knife sets from some of the greatest chefs on the planet!

4. Magnetic Knife Holder

Here you get to be really creative too! Magnetic knife holders are all the rage now, and are trending in everyone’s homes. The reason they are so great, is that they come in so many different sizes, and can be placed all around the kitchen. There’s small 10-inch sized knife holders, best if you and your husband-to be are moving into a small space with a small kitchen, 17-inch sized holders for the fridge, 17-inch sized holders for the wall, 24-inch stainless steel knife holders capable of holding a large variety of knives and scissors, 16-inch walnut wood magnetic knife holders, as well as 16-inch maple wood magnetic knife holders. There’s so much variety that you can place a few in your registry, making sure you have one for the fridge and the wall.  

5. Coffee Machines

The question here is what kind of coffee addict are you? Because most people are a coffee addict to some degree, and everyone loves their coffee done differently. It’s always great to have a machine that comes with milk frothing, and that’s what the Sage Bambino Plus offers. The De’Longhi PrimaDonna Soul offers a coffee machine with a high-end price that creates a variety of 21 drinks. You can never go wrong with a long-lasting coffee machine that will be used for the family and guests for years on end!

6. Tea Set

Just as important as a coffee machine is, a tea set is also important for all the times you’re going to sit with the ladies at your book club or engage in your favorite conversations. “Afternoon tea” really becomes special when you add a gorgeous set of cups, plates and a teapot that reflects your style and décor. There are so many beautiful sets out there with intricate designs, so look carefully for the one you desire before adding it to your wedding registry!

7. Crockery

What warms the heart more than placing a well-prepared and delicious meal on a beautiful plate, which only enhances the beauty of the meal. It’s important to have a large set of crockery, especially since crockery is so easy to break! Place a large set on your bridal registry, so that your dinner plates, side dishes and bowls last a long time. Plain white crockery always looks beautiful with food, but you may want a more colorful design, which always adds personality to any meal!

8. Cutlery Set

Of course, you need a quality cutlery set to go with your crockery. There are really magnificent high-quality stainless steel cutlery sets meant to last virtually forever. Have a look online and see which one you like the most and put that on your registry. You can even place two cutlery sets – a cheaper one for everyday use in the kitchen and dining room, and a fancier sterling silver set for hosting and special events you may have in the home.  

9. Large and Small Muffin Tins

It’s great to have two different sized muffin tins, as the small muffin tins are perfect for smaller children aged between two and six years of age. With these tins you can get really creative and make your favorite carrot or blueberry muffins, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry cupcakes, or even baked eggs with mushrooms, feta and spinach! These are also great to place on your registry for guests who can’t afford more expensive items.

10. Food Processor

A food processor is a very necessary kitchen appliance to have – especially since you will be cooking a lot for years to come. Food processors help cut and chop up hard ingredients in a matter of seconds, making life much easier in the kitchen, and saving you huge amounts of time. Food processors will assist you in making pesto or tapenades, sauces, marinades, salsa, and even dough and crumble toppings.

11. Blender

A blender is similar to a food processor, but the main difference is the fact that ingredients come out all smooth and blended together, hence the name “blender.” Blenders are perfect for making smoothies, thin sauces, marinades, soups and cocktails.  You can also crush ice with a blender (provided you’re using a high-quality blender that won’t cause any harm to the plastic container.) Hand blenders are also a very necessary appliance to keep in the kitchen!

12. Salad Spinner

Every once in a while, a kitchen tool comes along that just makes a lot of sense, and this is what a salad spinner offers. Nobody wants lettuce or spinach leaves dripping with water, and a salad spinner is there to remove all excess water. It’s actually a very necessary kitchen tool if you intend on eating a lot of salads in the house, as you should for your family to grow up healthy and strong!

13. Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is one of the most essential kitchen appliances you will own, especially if you enjoy baking. Making bread, cookies, pizza and dumpling dough, and cakes come really easy when you use a stand mixer instead of slaving away for hours manually making these items with your hands. Also, all these items come out much better when a stand mixer is used to make them! You’ll be your family-to-be’s hero with all the birthday surprises you’ll be able to make with this kitchen darling. Kenwood is a trustworthy brand that makes fantastic high-quality stand mixers.

14. Hand Mixer

A hand mixer comes in real handy when you want to beat ingredients, and it also assists in the making of dough. It assists in all forms of stirring and whisking as well. Most hand mixers give you the option of different speeds. It allows for a lot of control over the ingredients at hand. If your kitchen has no space for a stand mixer, a hand mixer is essential. 

15. Cookbooks

These are great, as they give your guests an affordable option of gifts. You can get really creative here, and ask for a range of cookbooks that cover different cultures and cuisines. From Asian, to Middle Eastern, and African cuisine, you can get highly creative in the kitchen by experimenting with the different recipes that all the different cookbooks offer. Ottolenghi Simple is a wonderful cookbook by famous chef Yotam Ottolenghi that mainly focuses on vegetarian dishes. Meat: The Ultimate Cookbook by chef Keith Sarasin is a fabulous cookbook containing many delicious meat dishes if you have a carnivorous appetite.  


Once you receive all of the above gifts at your wedding, you will be able to have a kitchen that creates food made with love and care to bring joy to your new family-to-be. These are the gifts that you will always keep that will create loving and delicious memories!

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