10 Useful Ways to Use Magnets Within the Home

Magnets are pretty useful to use around the home, you just need to know how to use them best. Well, this article uncovers all the different ways you can use magnets to simplify your life at home and allow things to become more organized. Let’s begin!

1. Organize Your Knife Set

You may have a knife set lying in one of your kitchen’s draws, or on your counter in a knife block. However, knife blocks can be very bulky, take up a lot of space, and a lot of bacteria can find its way in the slots where all your knives are inserted.
By using a stainless-steel magnetic knife bar, all your knives will be organized, and you can arrange them from biggest to smallest. Your magnetic knife bar can be installed into your kitchen wall, or, it can even lay against your fridge.
Many professional chefs use knife bars, as it makes life a whole lot easier when cooking in the kitchen.

2. Organize Your Makeup

It’s so easy for makeup to lie here, there, and everywhere. One of the top reasons for buying new makeup is that the old makeup gets lost and is not taken well care of. Well, not anymore! All you need to do is glue magnets to your favorite eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks and brushes and stick them on a magnetic board.

The magnetic board can be placed against the wall in your bedroom or bathroom. Either arrange the makeup by color or by brand!

3. Create More Storage

You can create more storage out of spice tins. Stick magnets to these and attach them to the fridge. You can place pencils and crayons in them, so that when your kids want to draw, they can just walk up to the fridge, grab a few colors that they like and start drawing on a piece of paper at the kitchen table.

4. Plan Your Weekly Menu

It will help to stick a weekly menu to your fridge, so that you and the family know what will be served every day of the week. This is actually a lot of fun, and you can make it a family activity too. You and the family can all sit down and discuss what to eat every day of the week. You can even let the kids have turns writing down the different meals.

This way you can organize your fridge to accommodate the weeks’ meals.

5. Organize Your Calendar

Sure, we all have calendars on our cell phones and computers, but sometimes it really helps to see everything that needs to get done in a tangible, physical form. That’s why magnetic calendars are great! Just stick them to the fridge and you’ll be able to see what all your plans and appointments are for the month.

6.  Make Sure Your Kids Only Use 1 Water Cup Per Day

If you stick magnets to your kids’ favorite cups, they can be placed against the fridge, next to the water dispenser. That way, when they are finished, they can rinse the cup and just place it back on the fridge. Then, at the end of the day, when they are in bed, you can clean the cups for them to be used the next day.

7. A Drawing Board for the Kids

Need to keep the children entertained while cooking in the kitchen? Get a magnetic white board and stick it to the fridge where the children will have easy access to it. Next to it, you can place a whole range of colorful magnetic markers that they can have fun with! Each day, they can draw something new, and it’s a great way of getting them off the TV and having fun getting creative with their imaginations!

8. Keep Tools Organized

Do you have hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, and other tools loosely lying in some drawers? That’s definitely no way to treat these objects, as you can hurt yourself when looking for them. Instead, keep a handy stainless steel heavy-duty magnetic tool bar close by, which all your tools can lay against. This way, everything you need will be out in the open.

9. Keeping Pins Off the Floor

Are you an avid sewer? Then you know how awful it is when pins fall off the table, only to land on the floor, often to be stepped on later because you couldn’t find them. By gluing two strong magnets underneath a plate, you can place all your pins on top of it, where they will stay firmly and securely in their place. No longer will they fall on the floor and become a hazard to you and your family.

10. Add Special Décor to Tablecloths, Lampshades and Curtains

If you are celebrating Easter, Christmas or any other holiday, you can decorate the table with special ornaments which have magnets stuck underneath them. They then stay secure due to magnets which are placed underneath the tablecloth which magnetically attach themselves to these ornaments. You can also add special décor to curtains and lampshades this way, playing with different colors, patterns and designs.


These are all wonderful uses for magnets at home. Buy magnetic strips and discs and glue, and see where else you can use the magic of magnets at home to help organize things, and make life a whole lot easier for yourself and your family!

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